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My name is Holly Werlein-Gary, and I am a liver transplant survivor since 2006. My husband, Tracy Gary, had three heart attacks, a stroke, three left ventricular assist device (LVAD) implants and is now a proud heart transplant survivor since 2018. We were brought together by organ donation and we are on a mission to help others through The Transplant House of West Michigan! We understand the cost and the emotional toll it takes on not only patients, but also caregivers and their families.


The Transplant House of West Michigan would like to lessen the stress and financial burden on the transplant patients and their families. Compassion, support and a comforting “home away from home” is what we want to provide, so we can help others through this difficult journey. While helping spread the awareness of organ/tissue donation and transplantation.


To have every transplant family traveling to West Michigan have a home away from home to go to while they are going through the transplant process. While creating a supportive group environment for all those going through the same journey. 

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